Banana Republic

Date’s Nickname: Banana Republic

Age: 26

Occupation: Engineer (More like… Engineers Pay May)

How we met: Tinder. And Bumble. We started messaging on Tinder before it faded out. We matched again on Bumble. This time I sent him my phone number. (sometimes boys need a hint)

Where we went: La Grange – Patio Bar

What I ate: Two Classic Margaritas. On the rocks.

Total Cost Estimate: $15

Prior Expectations: Originally had another date set up for this night. He cancelled (stupid boys). So, I pulled out my little black book iPhone and asked a guy to meet me for drinks. Within an hour, I was on a date. *If anything, No Pay May has taught me how easy it is to get a boy to meet up with me. I’m not sure if that’s sad or impressive.*

Date Diary: Before my date, I was at Pistoleros with a girl friend for happy hour. (No Pay May has become a hot topic amongst my friends). My friend agreed to “watch” my date from afar.  As in, she would be at La Grange spying on me. I LOVED THE IDEA. More research.

As I arrive at La Grange, Banana Republic messages me asking what I like to drink. I ignore it since I’m 25 feet from the bar. He’s standing by himself looking over the menu when I walk in. First Thoughts: Tall. Attractive. Dresses well. Looks older in person. For some reason, his photos on Bumble make him look boyish (aka young). He went in for a hand shake, and I went in for a hug. The hug wins. I ask for a classic margarita and he pays. My friend snaps a picture of our first encounter and sends it to me later. (I know… this is borderline creepy) Below is a cutoff picture of Banana Republic and I. Sorry for the cutoff, but I’m still anonymous.


We sit down at a candle lit table for two (romantic).  Banana Republic starts a conversation about his fancy watch. The conversation turns into a talk about where Banana Republic shops. If you didn’t guess it by now… He shops at Banana Republic. *If you know me, then you know I’m a huge fan of Banana Republic. I like monochromatics and neutrals (I mean look at my Date Outfits)* INSTANT CONNECTION. I do enjoy a man with a sense of style. I work in the fashion industry and am very passionate about design. I’m impressed by men who care enough about themselves to stay on top of trends. Why do the women always have to be the ones dressed for success? Like I said before, men are more attractive when they take time to dress up. Please men, STOP wearing flip flops.

Banana Republic is very mature. And by mature, I mean… he’s the type of guy that’s done everything right. He’s a rule follower. Banana Republic is the quintessential modern day gentleman. Every girl is looking for this type of guy. A chivalrous man with an attractive face and a stable job. After 30 minutes, I know he’s the “I’m looking for a wife” type. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get married, but not at age 24. I dislike generalizing all men, but it seems like there are two types these days. The “I’m looking for a wife” or the “I’m looking to get laid.” Why can’t men date a girl they like without the initial pressure of sex? Why do men only want to date when they’re “ready” for marriage? Are any of us really ever ready for marriage? I believe you can find someone you like, date them and see if it works out.  If it doesn’t then it doesn’t. OR If it does then it does. Why do we all have to be CASUAL daters?

The chivalrous gentleman I’m sitting across from stands up and orders a second round. Banana Republic did say one thing during our date that caught me off guard. Out of no where he says, “Are you a painter?” (interesting question…) Apparently I had something stuck to my arm that looked like paint ??? I look down and see white out on my arm (work problems).  His response, “Oh dang. I thought that was going to start an interesting conversation about how you’re a painter.” See, even the most “put together” people have awkward first dates.  Shortly after, Banana Republic and I exit La Grange. We hug and exchange a few words about how much fun we had. However, there is no mention of a second date.

Takeaways: Banana Republic did text me the next day. I’m not sure if he’ll initiate a second date. I initiated the first one. I’m not going to text you everyday. If I do not respond to your ONE message, I’m sorry. I’m an extremely busy girl. If you want to see me again, send a few texts. Better yet, come up with a plan!


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