Brussels Sprouts

Date’s Nickname: Brussels Sprouts

Age: 24

Occupation: Engineer (surprise, surprise)

How we met: Bumble. Asked me to go to dinner or drinks with him anytime this week.

Where we went: Benjy’s on Washington

What I ate: Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa & Market Vegetables

Total Cost Estimate: $30

Prior Expectations: Very Impressed by his choice of restaurants. My friends have been telling me about the Brussels Sprouts at Benjy’s for months. From his profile, I can tell he’s very tall!

Date Diary:  Before my dinner date, I met a girl friend for happy hour at Bovine & Barley. After a glass of wine, my friend and I start telling the Bartender about Operation: No Pay May. The Bartender is VERY interested in this topic. I ask him about his dating history and what he would classify as a date. He tells me that he would rather invite girls to events or shows instead of drinks or dinner. However, he isn’t an active dater. At this point in his life, he’s focusing on becoming a better person. I completely understand and agree with him. It’s easier to know what you want when you know who you are. Good for you, Bartender.

I Uber to Benjy’s due to three glasses of Malbec. Good News: I’m already buzzed. Bad News: I’m already buzzed. Never mind, being buzzed before a first date is never a bad thing. Alcohol does kill the nerves. I arrive before Brussels Sprouts (like always) and wait for him at the hostess table. First Thoughts: Tall. Like very tall. The tallest guy I’ve dated in May. Cute. The hostess sits us in the back corner booth (guess we weren’t dressed well enough). He starts with beer and I start with Brussels Sprouts. As soon as we order drinks, I ask for the Brussels Sprouts. From this point on, I’m equally as into my Brussels Sprouts as I am into my date. Basically, they’re one in the same.

Brussels Sprouts loosens up after a beer. My willingness to share the struggles of my day (work has been a real bitch lately) could’ve also influenced his go with the flow attitude. * People from work who read this, it’s not you… it’s me* Brussels Sprouts is great and a super social guy, even more so with the alcohol. I’m enjoying Benjy’s very much. I order the Quinoa & Market Vegetables as my entree. Equally as delicious as the Brussels Sprouts. Benjy’s knows how to cook veggies, and I’m loving it. Brussels Sprouts heads to the restroom, and I take this picture from our tucked away corner booth.

IMG_4717 (1)

Brussels Sprouts and I stayed at the restaurant for 2 hours, joking and laughing. By the end of the date I feel the same way about Brussels Sprouts as I do about the Brussels Sprouts. The waiter places the check on the table, and Brussels Sprouts reaches for it ( Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I’m Lovin’ It!).  We exit the restaurant, hug and he tells me he’ll text me (which he does later that night).

Takeaways: First off, go to Benjy’s and get the Brussels Sprouts. It’s possible that I liked Brussels Sprouts more because of the restaurant he picked. Either way, I hope he initiates a second date. Still no kiss after this dinner. I would’ve been into it, just saying.


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