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Date Diagnosis – Week Four

I finished this week with 5 dates. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned. 1.) It’s harder and more work for me on both Bumble and Hinge. In order for boys to initiate plans, I have to message them for a long time. Sometimes, they’ll never initiate plans. I’m more confused as to why so many men are […]

Date Diagnosis – Week Three

I ended Week Three with six dates, I think ??? What is a date ??? It’s very clear to me that my views on dating are my own. Personally, I think I’m right, but the world isn’t black and white. Here’s a list of my thoughts. 1.) Why don’t these guys initiate a second date? Women […]

Date Diagnosis – Week Two

Wrapped up week two with six dates (five if I don’t count the one where I paid for my dinner). Here’s a list of things I learned. 1.) THIS IS EXHAUSTING. I’m physically and emotionally drained. Let me take you on a tour of my daily life. I wake up and spend 9 hours at […]

Date Diagnosis – Week One

I’m alive. I went on 8 dates in 7 days. Here’s a list of things I learned. 1.) It’s easier than I thought it would be to actually go on a date every night. If you’re really open minded about dating then it would not be hard to find dates. Because of this I’ve learned I […]

Operation No Pay May: Underway

The initial plan was to begin Operation: No Pay May on May 1, 2016.  Due to unexpected situations, my first date will be on April 24, 2016. Let me explain why…. I downloaded six different dating apps in the span of six days. On Monday, April 18, 2016, Houston was hit with a  flash flood. It […]