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No Pay May – Date Diary Recap

Date’s Nickname: Quiet but not Shy – Over Talker – Cynical Dater – The Transient – Preppy Texter – Too Good to be True – PFG & Short Shorts – Brunch Enthusiast – Perfect Dater – Metro Man – Cheap Ass – Foul Mouth – Derby Dude – Adjuster – Hint Dropper – Future Boyfriend […]

DJ Blenz

Date’s Nickname: DJ Blenz Age: 33 Occupation: Radio DJ How we met: The producer from the morning radio show set us up (Bless. No more online dates!) Where we went: The Flat What I ate: Veggie Pizza, Cocktails, Frozen Mojito Total Cost Estimate: $75 Prior Expectations: This is my LAST date of No Pay May. After what happened Sunday night, I […]

Borderline Rapist

Date’s Nickname: Borderline Rapist Age: 31 Occupation: Something at BHP How we met: Hinge Where we went: We were supposed to go to a bar and grab drinks…. What I ate: Nothing Total Cost Estimate: $0 Prior Expectations: I receive a text from Borderline Rapist at 1:00 am on Sunday night. I talked with him a few times prior via text […]

Creepy MF

Date’s Nickname: Creepy MF (MF = motha f*cker… in case you didn’t know) Age: 28 Occupation: Contract Work How we met: Tinder, unfortunately. Where we went: His apartment pool What I ate: Nothing Total Cost Estimate: $0 Prior Expectations: The same day I matched with Creepy MF is the same day I went on this “date.” He invited me to a […]

Tinted Oakleys

Date’s Nickname: Tinted Oakleys Age: 26 Occupation: Consulting How we met: Coffee Meets Bagel. He messaged me about Aka Sushi… (this is all too familiar) Where we went: Aka Sushi… (this place is cursed) What I ate: Edamame and an Avocado & Cucumber Roll (I don’t change) Total Cost Estimate: – $10 Prior Expectations: I’ve been extremely picky on my dating […]

Suit & Tie – Part Two

Date’s Nickname: Suit & Tie Age: 27 Occupation: CEO of a Start Up How we met: Tinder. Second date. Where we went: Bovine & Barley then Shay McElroy’s Irish Pub What I ate: 2 glasses of Malbec & Tater Tots, then 2 Vodka Cranberries… Total Cost Estimate: $45 Prior Expectations: Suit & Tie is back in Houston on business. He made plans to […]

Kiss Cam

Date’s Nickname: Kiss Cam Age: 21 (oops… accidentally broke a rule) Occupation: College Student (I swear, I didn’t know) How we met: Twitter. Yup, you read that correctly. Where we went: Astros’ Game! and Lucky’s Pub What I ate: Peanuts (duh. baseball game), Margherita Pizza & a Cider Total Cost Estimate: $35 (guessing) Prior Expectations: Since promoting my blog via social media… […]

Donut Hole

Date’s Nickname: Donut Hole Age: 25 Occupation: A&F Model/Manager How we met: Hinge (My First Hinge date!) Where we went: Union Kitchen (off Bellaire Blvd.) What I ate: Bottomless Mimosas!!! Nutella Donut Holes & a Potato, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Taco Total Cost Estimate: $20 Prior Expectations: Donut Hole initiated the messages and the meet up. He sent a text that read “U like […]

Anal Bandit

Date’s Nickname: Anal Bandit Age: 28 Occupation: Bio Chemist How we met: Bumble. Initiated plans to “grab coffee” after a few days of messaging. Where we went: Inversion Coffee What I ate: 2 Americano’s with Soy Total Cost Estimate: $10 Prior Expectations: Sorry, but I’m not into coffee dates.  Sorry again, but I’m not into android users. How are we supposed to group […]

Banana Republic

Date’s Nickname: Banana Republic Age: 26 Occupation: Engineer (More like… Engineers Pay May) How we met: Tinder. And Bumble. We started messaging on Tinder before it faded out. We matched again on Bumble. This time I sent him my phone number. (sometimes boys need a hint) Where we went: La Grange – Patio Bar What I ate: Two Classic Margaritas. On […]