Category: Date Diary

Big Personality

Date’s Nickname: Big Personality Age: 29 Occupation: Financial Advisor How we met: Tinder. I sent him a message that said “we should date.” Guess what… it worked. Where we went: Urban Eats What I ate: Skillet Seared Cauliflower & a glass of Malbec (it’s Wine Wednesday!!!) Total Cost Estimate: $20 Prior Expectations: His Tinder profile said, “Please have a big personality.” Okay, […]

Suit & Tie

Date’s Nickname: Suit & Tie Age: 27 Occupation: CEO & Founder of a Start Up How we met: Tinder. He super liked me then never messaged. I initiated a message because his profile was witty and he’s 6’4″. Where we went: Oporto – Fooding House, Front Porch Pub, and… SHOT BAR (don’t judge) What I ate: Charred Vegetables, Bread Pudding, Wine, lots of […]

Foul Mouth – Part Two

Date’s Nickname: Foul Mouth Age: 24 Occupation: Navy Seal How we met: Tinder. This is our second “date.” Where we went: My house What I ate: Nothing Total Cost Estimate: $0 Prior Expectations: Foul Mouth wanted to “hangout.” I invited him over to my house to play with my borrowed dog. He brought his dog too. Date Diary: First off, I cannot count […]

Bird Poop

Date’s Nickname: Bird Poop Age: 25 Occupation: Engineer at NASA How we met: Coffee Meets Bagel. He sent me his phone number and asked if we could hangout. (Boys… please stop asking women to “hangout.” It is so undefined. If you want to meet me, set a plan.) Where we went: Onion Creek What I ate: Frozen Blue Moon and Fried […]

Sweet Intentions

Date’s Nickname: Sweet Intentions Age: 26 Occupation: Electrical Engineer How we met: Coffee Meets Bagel. He sent me three messages too which I never responded. Then he sent me a final message asking me to dinner. That’s when I replied. Where we went: Izakaya – Japanese style Tapas Restaurant What I ate: Shishito Peppers, Edamame, Mushroom Mac & Cheese, The Fuku […]

Brussels Sprouts

Date’s Nickname: Brussels Sprouts Age: 24 Occupation: Engineer (surprise, surprise) How we met: Bumble. Asked me to go to dinner or drinks with him anytime this week. Where we went: Benjy’s on Washington What I ate: Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa & Market Vegetables Total Cost Estimate: $30 Prior Expectations: Very Impressed by his choice of restaurants. My friends have been telling me about the Brussels […]

Future Boyfriend

Date’s Nickname: Future Boyfriend Age: 24 Occupation: IT Analyst How we met: Bumble. I sent him a message at 8:15 pm about grabbing drinks tonight. By 9:30 pm we were both at the bar. Where we went: Porch Swing Pub What I ate: 2 Ciders (Sorry, I’m not a beer girl. I’ll probably gain a little weight from all the sugar I’ve had this […]

Hint Dropper

Date’s Nickname: Hint Dropper Age: 25 Occupation: Graduate Student How we met: Tinder. Where we went: Axelrad & Luigi’s Pizzeria (yes, you can tell when boys ask me to pick the place) What I ate: Slice of Veggie Pizza and a Cider Total Cost Estimate: $15 Prior Expectations: Here is our first textual experience. I’m impressed by how forward he is. I dislike […]


Date’s Nickname: Adjuster Age: 26 Occupation: Private Investigator ??? How we met: Coffee Meets Bagel. I’d been messaging this guy all day. I initiated plans to grab drinks because I needed a last minute date. Sorry but that’s the truth. Where we went: Axelrad & Luigi’s Pizzeria (my go to spot for turning drinks into dinner) What I ate: Veggie […]

Derby Dude

Date’s Nickname: Derby Dude Age: 28 Occupation: Engineer (does anyone do anything else in this city?) How we met: The Grade. After messaging for a week, he invites me to be his date to a Kentucky Derby Party. Where we went: Kentucky Derby Event Party What I ate: Unlimited Mint Juleps and Caprese Salad Total Cost Estimate: $65 Prior Expectations: I love that […]