Cheap Ass

Date’s Nickname: Cheap Ass

Age: 27

Occupation: Chemical Engineer

How we met: Coffee Meets Bagel. He messaged me about going to Aka Sushi (I mention it in my profile) and within three messages we made dinner plans.

Where we went: Aka Sushi

What I ate: 2 Avocado & Cucumber Rolls

Total Cost Estimate: – $10

Prior Expectations: He seemed very eager to hang out. We didn’t message much before meeting.

Date Diary: Before you read my date diary, I would like you to know that everything you read is heavily influenced by the fact that I paid for my own dinner.

This was another work to date dinner. Due to traffic, I show up 15 minutes late. By the time I arrive, he’s already sitting at a table and drinking sake by himself  (what a loser). Is it weird that I like it when guys have to wait on me for a change??? First Thoughts: He didn’t stand up when I met him at the table, which means I have no idea how tall he actually is. From the sitting position, he doesn’t necessarily look 6’3.

Cheap Ass is apparently a sushi snob. He has this thing with wasabi. After I suggested Aka Sushi, he asked me how hot the wasabi was (okay weirdo). As soon as I sit down, I explain to him why I love Aka Sushi. *The happy hour at Aka Sushi is incredible. I’ve never ordered anything off their regular menu because why would you when you can pay half price for great quality sushi?* I order two $4.25  rolls (yes, this is important) because I’m hungry, and AGAIN they’re only $4.25. He orders a “fancier” roll with spicy mayo and tempura (okay, you’re a real sushi snob). When the roll arrives, he lathers all the wasabi on his one roll. And I mean ALL OF IT. Cheap Ass was at least considerate enough to ask me if I wanted any wasabi before taking it ALL.

Cheap Ass is definitely a nerd. Not is a bad way, necessarily. He’s social, can carry on a conversation, and heck, even has a sense of humor. But, there’s something about him that screams NERD. My conclusion is that he’s just not confident in himself. Let me explain. At the end of the meal, the waiter leaves the check on the table (like always). Most of the guys I’ve been on a date with, take the check right away. Cheap Ass let’s it sit there. We keep up conversation between silent awkward pauses. A good three minutes pass, and Cheap Ass has not grabbed the bill. I can feel the awkward tension. He doesn’t want to pay for this meal. FINALLY, I break the silence, grab my wallet, and say, “Did you want to split it?” Cheap Ass replies, “Yeah, that’d be great.” Immediately, I’m pissed. Not because I have to pay for my food (I’m a grown independent woman who can afford all of my shit), BUT, accordingly to my rules, this does not count as a date.  After I pay for my meal, I’m ready to leave. I tell Cheap Ass I have a small group I need to head to (not a lie). Cheap Ass and I walk out of the restaurant (he is actually 6’3), hug, and say our goodbyes.  text

Here’s the MOST confusing part. Later that night Cheap Ass sends me this text. I only split checks if a.) I initiate plans or b.) if we are just friends. Other than that, if I offer to pay, I’m being polite. I’ve never been more confused after a “date.” Let’s be real, this was not a date. I assumed Cheap Ass wasn’t into me. Why else would a man initiate plans and then not spend $8.50 ($10 with tip) on a girl he is interested in? By the time the bill came, Cheap Ass should’ve known whether or not he was into me.

Takeaways: I’m not upset about paying. It’s more about the principle of paying. If an engineer cannot afford to spend an extra $10 on a girl he’s interested in, then he’s more than likely a.) not generous enough or b.) doesn’t know what he’s doing.  I will not be going out with Cheap Ass again. I like men who work hard. Relationships take sacrifice and work. If you don’t want to do either of those things then good luck finding a relationship!

*Update: Three days later I was swiping left on Tinder and I come across Cheap Ass. Cheap Ass super liked me, which means I already know he swiped right. I swipe left, obviously.


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