Date Diagnosis – Week Four

I finished this week with 5 dates. Here’s a list of things I’ve learned.

1.) It’s harder and more work for me on both Bumble and Hinge. In order for boys to initiate plans, I have to message them for a long time. Sometimes, they’ll never initiate plans. I’m more confused as to why so many men are on these apps and only want to message. I easily match with 20 men A DAY. Half of them initiate a message. I don’t have time to message you all. Initiate some plans.

2.) I’m trying very hard not to GENERALIZE all men. However, it seems like either a.) men want to be hook up and not commit or b.) get serious about dating when THEY are ready for it. I 100% believe in gender roles, but why does all “dating” have to be serious. You date to get to know someone. If you’re not comfortable with meeting strangers over the internet, then STOP using dating apps. Try asking a girl out in person (at least you will know what she actually looks like before you meet her).

3.) I would like to stop dating men for experimental purposes. No Pay May has turned into “how many first dates can I go on in one month?” Honestly, I was hoping for more second and third dates. Why can I get so many men to initiate plans but not follow through on second dates? I don’t want to come across like I’m using men. Most of these men ASK ME OUT. I let them lead because isn’t that what men want? Even if I offer to pay, men will still pay for my dinner. Be a leader then and make some plans.

Dating App Update: I’m over dating apps. I’m over internet men. Friends… if you know a man that would like to date a super fun chic with blonde hair and blues eyes… send them my telephone number. At this point, a blind set up through friends could go better then these online dates.

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