DJ Blenz

Date’s Nickname: DJ Blenz

Age: 33

Occupation: Radio DJ

How we met: The producer from the morning radio show set us up (Bless. No more online dates!)

Where we went: The Flat

What I ate: Veggie Pizza, Cocktails, Frozen Mojito

Total Cost Estimate: $75

jazz jamPrior Expectations: This is my LAST date of No Pay May. After what happened Sunday night, I need my final date to be fun and original! I planned everything. For some reason I kept thinking “Jazz Band.”  I want to spend the last day of May listening to the soft smooth stylings of Jazz!  (channeling my inner Billie Holiday) I sent DJ Blenz this promo poster for the The Flat’s Jazz Jam and asked him to meet me there at 7:30 pm.

Date Diary: I arrive before DJ Blenz and park myself at the bar. This bar is EMPTY. No one is here. I start chatting with the Bartender as DJ Blenz walks in. First Thoughts: Good looking. Looks like a DJ. Nose Ring. Tattoos. He grooms his hair well. Not normally the type of guy I go for. This is a blind date for DJ Blenz.  He didn’t know my real name until we introduced ourselves at the bar. DJ Blenz obviously knows about the blog, so it’s a “no pressure” date. No pressure as in DJ Blenz isn’t worried about over analyzing every aspect of our date (expect for the nicknames… DJ Blenz is very concerned about what nickname I’m going to give him). In reality, all I’m trying to do on this date is get drunk and listen to a few horn solos. Seems like DJ Blenz is down. 

I’m pleasantly surprised at how comfortable DJ Blenz is with me. It doesn’t take long for us to start cracking jokes and throwing subtle sarcasm (my fave! I’m a big bowl of sarcasm). I start with a specialty cocktail. I’m not expecting DJ Blenz to pay, but guess what… he does! (Tbh I’m really going to miss the free food.) I learn that DJ Blenz just moved to Houston from Las Vegas. (party boy. DUH. nose ring.) He didn’t tell me much about his time in Vegas because let’s be real… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, DJ Blenz did explain the history of how he ended up on the radio. Basically a young aspiring kid from the Midwest became the one and only “DJ Blenz.” DJ Blenz was the hottest young DJ to ever turn the turntable! So famous the elders started asking DJ Blenz to do voice overs. The rest is history.

It’s late and I haven’t eaten. The bar only serves pizza (at least it’s not steak). I order a veggie pizza and tell DJ Blenz that I’ll pay for it. The jazz band shows up along with a sea of interesting individuals. Apparently Jazz Jam doesn’t start until after 9:00 pm. (@The Flat… you should probably change the time on your promo graphic. Just saying.) DJ Blenz gets the second round, and I sit pretty in my seat! The first set is played without any horns. No horns in a Jazz Band??? Unacceptable. I came to hear the horns. If I leave this date without listening to at least one horn solo, I’m going to be pissed. Thankfully the crowd is keeping us entertained. It’s really such an eclectic group. There’s a guy sitting on the couch reading a book, a couple’s make out corner, a dude dancing like he can’t control his limbs, and us (a blind first date setup through a radio station). This is real life. My reality is a novel (it’s at least blog).

I’m having a great time with DJ Blenz. I think we’d be great friends. Realistically, we’re both feeling the friend vibe on this date. The horns finally show up, and now I’m having greater time!!! (I’m three drinks in! You know what they say… go hard or go home!) It’s 10:30 pm when DJ Blenz and I decide to leave. I would’ve stayed all night if DJ Blenz hadn’t said anything (old man). I knew I wouldn’t be going out on a Tuesday night anytime in the near future (Cathy needs a break). We walk outside and exchange a few words partnered with a hug.

Takeaways: This is the perfect way for No Pay May to end. I spent my evening having fun, doing something different, and making a new friend. I really enjoyed my night! The next morning I listened to DJ Blenz give his own version of my  “date dairy” on the local radio show. I couldn’t have agreed more. If you are dying to listen to what DJ Blenz said about Extra Cash Cathy, click here and go to the 59.10 minute mark.