Donut Hole

Date’s Nickname: Donut Hole

Age: 25

Occupation: A&F Model/Manager

How we met: Hinge (My First Hinge date!)

Where we went: Union Kitchen (off Bellaire Blvd.)

What I ate: Bottomless Mimosas!!! Nutella Donut Holes & a Potato, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Taco

Total Cost Estimate: $20

Prior Expectations: Donut Hole initiated the messages and the meet up. He sent a text that read “U like mimosas?” Interesting way to ask a girl out… but yes, who doesn’t like mimosas?

Date Diary: *I LOVE BRUNCH. I’m all about these brunch dates. Union Kitchen does bottomless mimosas on Sundays! The servers walk around and fill up flutes! It’s possibly the cheapest way to get drunk. Alright, I’m going to go ahead and say it… I’m left this brunch date tipsy.*

Donut Hole is sitting at a table on the side patio when I arrive. (Sorry, I’m late. I’m usually the first one to arrive on these dates, in case you haven’t noticed yet.) First Thoughts: Good Looking. Tan. A little skinnier than I prefer. He’s wearing a blue and white striped Abercombie & Fitch T-shirt (thankfully, no flip flops). Why are you wearing an A&F shirt at the age of 25? Guess who did not publicize the fact that he works at A&F on his Hinge profile? THIS GUY. Donut Hole calls the waitress over to order mimosas and donut holes. Immediately after he finishes the order, he turns to me and says “Are you hungry? I ate already so I was just going get us donut holes.” Here are my next few thoughts…

1.) We are having brunch at 11:00 am on a Sunday. What time did you wake up to eat breakfast before meeting me? Or did you purposely eat before our date so you wouldn’t have to pay for your breakfast and mine?

2.) Of course, I’m hungry. It’s freaking 11:00 am on a Sunday, and I’m at a restaurant that serves bottomless mimosas. I WANT FOOD. Do you expect me to drink and not eat?

3.) Dude, be polite and ask me next time before you assume I want donut holes. I much more of an egg and vegetable kind of girl.

I end up ordering a breakfast taco because, yes, I AM HUNGRY. If Donut Hole doesn’t want to pay for it, then he shouldn’t. But I’m ordering some fucking food. Why do men do that? If you ask me out and intend to pay… let me order what I want. I will pay for it if you think what I order is “too expensive.” *Fair warning… I’m the type of girl that will order exactly what I want.*

Once I receive my breakfast taco, I’m much less hostile. Donut Hole explains that he’s in the middle of a career change. He recently quit his job in sales and is planning on teaching high school in the fall. Donut Hole is very sweet and social. He tells me I’m his first Hinge date, and I tell him he’s mine. (It’s true, he is my first HINGE date. But not my first online date… more like 26th.) We start a conversation about online dating (no, stop. let’s not go there) Donut Hole tells me that he will get to a point in the text message conversation where he initiates plans, but as soon as he initiates plans, girls go silent. Mhm wonder why that is? Actually, let me take a guess. Girls are sketched out by men on the internet. Before this month, I would never let a stranger pick me up at my house. I’m still not 100% certain I like meeting men online. It seems staged. However, this month is all about learning. Women… say “yes” sometimes. If anything you’ll have a story to tell. Trust me, I have plenty. After our conversation about online dating, Donut Hole head’s to the men’s room, and I snap this picture.


The waitress brings the bill, and I offer to pay. Donut Hole says “No, my mom says chivalry is not dead. I got it.” He really did say that, and HIS MOM IS RIGHT. We walk out of the patio and pause to talk before heading to our cars. Donut Hole tells me he’s going out of town next weekend but would like to get brunch again sometime. He sends me a text later that day (not about plans though).

Takeaways: Here’s what I think, boys are on their own timeline when it comes to dating. If they want to take initiative, they will. If they want to ask a girl out, they will. BUT it’s going to be on their time. I would go on a date with Donut Hole again. However, I can’t promise I’ll still be interested in two weeks. Maybe men should realize women have timelines too. From my perspective, it’s much easier for women to meet men than it is for men to meet women. If you don’t take initiative, there’s 31 other guys out there who will.


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