The end of Operation: No Pay May

*If you are new to No Pay May, do yourself a favor and start reading from the beginning. The blog reads better from start to finish.*

This will be my last No Pay May blog post. Thank you for reading about my dating life! I hope you were entertained. Extra Cash Cathy may be done with No Pay May… but she’s not done with dating! If you want to find out what’s next for Extra Cash Cathy, submit your email address here OR at the bottom of the page.

No Pay May started as nothing more than a challenge. Can I do it? Can it be done? Is it physically possible to go on a date every night? Here’s the short answer… YES.

First, I can be nothing but grateful. To all the guys of No Pay May – Thank you! Thank you for “dating” me. Thank you for spending your money on me (most of you). Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for growing me. Thank you for giving me memories I’ll never forget. I’m sincerely grateful.

If you began reading No Pay May from the first post through the last post, you should notice a transition. I started No May Pay as an open minded girl. All of my initial dates were new experiences. Before No Pay May… I never downloaded a dating app. I never messaged strangers. I never met up with strangers. I never went on a date with someone I had never met in person. It was all new. By the end of No Pay May… nothing was new. It was all the same. Instead of an open minded fun girl, I became a cynical male hating dater. Probably the result of the abundance of dates in a short amount of time. Obviously not at men are the same, but I picked up on a few trends/generalizations.

Generally Speaking – I believe most men “date” with a purpose. That purpose is usually either sex or serious relationship/marriage. Men tend to make up their mind about the potential of a woman fulfilling that purpose immediately (after the first or second date). Because women don’t go out of their way to ask men out (generally speaking), women date with less intention. I believe most women “date” to get to know someone. There is definitely the potential for sex and/or a relationship, but that’s not the purpose. Personally, I don’t know anyone well enough after one, two, three or even five dates to know if I want to do either of those things. It takes time to build trust and understanding.

Online Dating turns my generalizations into a gray area. The first “date” has become less casual due to the fact that you’re meeting this person face to face for the first time. Is this person a catfish? Is this person real? Does this person look like his/her profile picture? Is this person on Tinder just to have sex? These questions NEVER entered my mind until I started online dating. With every swipe, I became more and more shallow. By the end of May, if a guy was under 6’1″ I immediately swiped left. Is that wrong? Probably. I bet I missed out on a few great guys. On the opposite side, I had plenty of options of guys over 6’1″. Realistically I don’t have time to message and meet everyone. Online dating almost forces you to be selfish.

Last Thoughts: To all the men/women who openly share your opinion about No Pay May with the world: Remember one thing… We all choose who we date. We all have our OWN opinions on dating. No Pay May is my platform. I’m choosing to openly share my views and opinions with whoever wants to listen. Are my opinions right? Are my opinions wrong? That’s 100% debatable. BUT they’re uniquely mine. All of my date dairies are uniquely mine. You are entitled to your opinion, but you didn’t experience No Pay May. I did. I created it. I lived it. I shared it. I believe that gives me the ability to have the FINAL opinion. Any regrets? Absolutely not! Though I did gain 5 lbs and didn’t get a boyfriend… still worth it!

Takeaways: No Pay May ended as more than a challenge. It’s pure entertainment. It’s a social dating experiment. I’ve told several of the men about No Pay May since it went public. And guess what? They don’t really care that I blogged about our date. Most of them don’t want the attention it brings, and the others never intended on asking me out again anyways. Like I said, relationships are mutual. If you’re worried about my dating life post No Pay May, you shouldn’t be. Apparently there are many men who still want a “shot” at love. Read the example below. I told a man about No Pay May, and he couldn’t wait to go on a date with me! Seems like men are entertained by my 31 dates in 31 days. Have I become Houston’s unofficial Bachelorette? Humbly, I accept.

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