Kiss Cam

Date’s Nickname: Kiss Cam

Age: 21 (oops… accidentally broke a rule)

Occupation: College Student (I swear, I didn’t know)

How we met: Twitter. Yup, you read that correctly.

Where we went: Astros’ Game! and Lucky’s Pub

What I ate: Peanuts (duh. baseball game), Margherita Pizza & a Cider

Total Cost Estimate: $35 (guessing)

Prior Expectations: twitterSince promoting my blog via social media… I’ve gained new readers. Kiss Cam sent me this message via Twitter direct. I agree with Kiss Cam. I don’t like the idea of leading men on so… let’s go on a date! Since Kiss Cam already knows about No Pay May, I’m not leading him on.

Date Diary:  Kiss Cam makes plans for a double date to the Astros’ game. Right away I commit. This already sounds more fun than “grabbing drinks.” Kiss Cam offers to pick me up from my house before heading to the stadium. First Thoughts: Good Looking. Fit. Shorter then me (which I already knew). Wearing a bright orange shirt and cutoff jorts (classic baseball game attire). The first thing Kiss Cam says is “wow, you’re pretty.” I suddenly realize Kiss Cam has not seen a picture of my face. Kiss Cam asked out Extra Cash Cathy, not *****. (We’re one in the same, but Extra Cash Cathy is a bit more critical.)  I’m glad he’s not disappointed by my appearance. Not that anyone would be… I’m a confident girl. Kiss Cam opens my car door (he’s read my blog) before sitting in the driver’s seat. On our way to the game, I realize I know nothing about Kiss Cam. Turns out, he’s a 21 year old college student. I have a minor freak out moment when I realize I’m on a date with a guy the same age as my younger brother. I love my brother, but in NO WAY is he mature enough to “date.” Or maybe he is… boys have proved me wrong before.

Kiss Cam leads me to our seats and introduces me to the couple sitting beside us. This couple (we’ll call them Jim and Pam) is the reason Kiss Cam and I are at the Astros’ game. Jim works for the Astros and invites Kiss Cam to bring all his first dates to the games. (Okay, that may or may not be true. However the plot does thicken later in the night.) Kiss Cam and I mingle about well… everything; ie. sports, family history, sports, my blog, more sports. (we are at a sporting event) I learn that Jim and Pam know EVERYONE at this game. Working for a sports team seems like the worst job in the world. Who would want to have kick ass job like that? Oh wait, everyone. Jim and Pam are the real Astors’ Brad and Angelina. Somehow we all start talking about the kiss cam. Since Jim has the in… Kiss Cam gets threatened by public embarrassment quite often.  Kiss Cam and I make a few jokes about the reality of that happening. In my head I’m thinking the reality of this is 100%.


Welp, the time comes. The video screen announces the “Kiss Cam.” Secretly, I’m freaking out but also know this is going to happen. I know it. First Couple… not us. Second Couple… AH SHIT THAT’S US. I turn to Kiss Cam and give him a peck on the lips. I have to kiss on THE KISS CAM. Yup, our first kiss was broadcast in front of the entire stadium. Kiss Cam gets a flood of text messages from friends. Who knew Kiss Cam was so popular? Kiss Cam replied to a few “Was that ya’ll’s first kiss?” text messages. YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT IT WAS. You’re welcome.

The shock of what just happened sets in. Kiss Cam seems a little embarrassed. However, I’m basically on Cloud 9. Who cares if everyone saw us kiss on camera? To me, it’s like… I can’t believe everyone saw our first kiss on camera!! That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!!! (at least for me) Apparently, Jim can make that happen on a regular basis. After the dust settles, I decide we need a break from our seats. Kiss Cam and I leave to find the 50/50 jackpot tickets. *side note: As we leave our seats, I run into my college friend Mike. I’m hella surprised to see Mike because he lives in North Dakota. Could this night get any more random? Also… shout out to Mike! Great seeing you pal! end side note* Unfortunately, we make it to the ticket booth just as they announce the winner. I bet if I would have purchased a ticket, I’d be $2,500 richer. Obviously just based on the night I’ve already had.

The Astros are tied at the bottom of the 10th. Kiss Cam and I decide that feeding ourselves is more important than an Astros’ loss win. (The Astros did end up winning at the bottom of the 13th. GO ‘STROS GO!) Kiss Cam drives us to Lucky’s Pub in EADO. I order a Margarita pizza and a cider. I wanted to pay for my own meal becasue he paid for everything else, but Kiss Cam wouldn’t let me (bless this boy!). We find a table right in front of a giant screen showing… the Astros’ game we were just at.  Now that Kiss Cam and I have time alone, we talk about dating. (currently my life’s mission) No Pay May has shaped me. I’ve learned that communication about dating is healthy. It’s healthy to be open minded about others’ views. It grows you. Kiss Cam and I talk about our views on dating. I’m impressed by how much he wants to learn! The fact that Kiss Cam wants to know how women view dating shows me that he CARES. At the age of 21, he’s already impressed me more then men 10 years his senior. Kiss Cam is a catch. College girls… get your fishing lines ready.

After dinner, we head back to the car. Kiss Cam opens my car door (I still love it, I think I’ll always love it) and drives me home. Kiss Cam parks and walks me to my door. I thank him, we hug, and he goes in for a second kiss. I think it’s super cute and am flattered by the none kiss cam kiss.

Takeaways: This is exactly what a date should be. Two people having a great time getting to know each other. Simple. No games. No second guessing. Just two people sharing an experience. How many people do you think can  say that they were on the Kiss Cam on a first date??? I CAN. And so can Kiss Cam. Isn’t that worth it? No matter if Kiss Cam and I spend one night together or all our nights together, this date is something we share.

P.S. Kiss Cam agreed to write about this date from his point of view. Fair enough.