Suit & Tie – Part Two

Date’s Nickname: Suit & Tie

Age: 27

Occupation: CEO of a Start Up

How we met: Tinder. Second date.

Where we went: Bovine & Barley then Shay McElroy’s Irish Pub

What I ate: 2 glasses of Malbec & Tater Tots, then 2 Vodka Cranberries…

Total Cost Estimate: $45

Prior Expectations: Suit & Tie is back in Houston on business. He made plans to take me out on Thursday night, but (if he had time) wanted to meet Wednesday night after a networking dinner. I told Suit & Tie that I would leave my schedule open. I don’t necessarily love unset plans but like Suit & Tie enough to sacrifice.

Date Diary: Suit & Tie finishes with his networking dinner at 8:00 pm. We make plans to meet downtown at Bovine & Barley. *side note: The Bartender from my Brussels Sprouts post is back. I arrive before Suit & Tie (like always) and run into my Bartender friend! I tell him that I wrote about him and give him my blog domain. He’s excited to see who my date is tonight. The Bartender sent me an email the next day with rave reviews and discussion topics. I realize that No Pay May, if anything, starts discussion. It provokes people to share their views on dating… and ALSO listen to others’ views. See, it really isn’t about the free food. end side note*

Suit & Tie shows up in a new suit and I’M LOVING IT. I really do have this thing about suits. I know men hate wearing suits but dang… you all look so good! Especially in a nice tailored suit! I placed a wine order with the Bartender before Suit & Tie arrived. Suit & Tie orders a beer and starts bragging about how cool he is. “OMG I’m so cool. I was at this dinner with some of the most well known and wealthiest people in the country BLAH BLAH BLAH…” (okay, he obviously didn’t say that but it came across that way) In all seriousness that’s a cool experience, and I would brag about it too. Makes me think about how I come across when I talk about my blog… I’m sorry friends if I’ve ever come across as a “show-off.” (this is me sincerely apologizing. sincerely.)

Suit & Tie orders another round and some Tater Tots. I already ate, but HE is hungry. This 100% feels more like a “date” than the last time I saw him. Honestly, why would anyone invite a girl they’ve never met to an investors dinner for a first date? (and people think I’m the weird one for trying to go on 31 dates in 31 days…) If Suit & Tie and I end up dating our “how did you meet” story would be UNREAL. No one would ever believe us. WELCOME TO MY REALITY.

After a couple of Malbecs, Suit & Tie wants a change in environment. As we walk to Shay’s McElroy’s, Suit & Tie stops me for a quick kiss. (I like to kiss and tell.) We’re holding hands and are very flirty. He orders me a Vodka Cranberry on a Wednesday night (ugh, I really need to stop drinking). We head out to the patio and sit at a table. THEN… Suit & Tie offers me career advice. Both of us are extremely driven and hard working individuals. You don’t start your own company OR go on 31 dates in 31 days while maintaining a full time job if you’re not a hard working individual. There’s this feeling of understanding. I understand how Suit & Tie achieved everything he’s accomplished (and I respect it). It’s all he thinks about. It’s all he talks about. Now that I think about it, the whole night we either talked about his crazy wild life or my crazy wild life. No “get to know” you questions. Two Vodka Cranberries later = making out in the streets.

Takeaways: I wake up the next morning excited to see Suit & Tie. Thursday is our planned dinner! No more unset schedules or last minute “can you meet me in an hour” text messages. By 3:43 pm I hadn’t heard from Suit & Tie so… I send him a text. He calls me right after to explain that he’s unsure of how serious his meeting is and doesn’t know what time he can meet me. I know he can hear the disappointment in my voice. He actually says, “Are you upset?” HECK YES I AM. Suit & Tie has the upper hand. Suit & Tie knows I hate unset schedules. Suit & Tie knows I like him. Suit & Tie knows EVERYTHING. He’s read the blog. If Suit & Tie likes me, why would he postpone our date? The moment he sent the text about meeting later, I send a text to my friends and make other plans. I knew he was going to cancel. I just knew it. And I wasn’t going to “wait around” for him to do it. So I didn’t tell him I made other plans… I just let him do his thing. AND HE DID.  I didn’t hear from him until 9:00 pm. He didn’t cancel on me until 11:00 pm. By 11:00 pm I was out at Little Woodrow’s watching turtles race. Clearly, Suit & Tie is focused on himself. He’s focused on what he wants. I’m not even sure why he asked me out on a second date, if he never intended to “date” me. At least give me the benefit of the doubt and cancel if you can’t commit. I’m not sure if I’ll go on another date with Suit & Tie. Doesn’t seem like he’s interested anyway. Dating is a mutual decision. Most of these men make a choice on whether or not they want to see me again. Just as much as it’s my choice on whether or not I want to see them again. After two dates I don’t know enough about Suit & Tie to write him off, but I don’t think dating a girl that lives in Houston is worth it to him.
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