Suit & Tie

Date’s Nickname: Suit & Tie

Age: 27

Occupation: CEO & Founder of a Start Up

How we met: Tinder. He super liked me then never messaged. I initiated a message because his profile was witty and he’s 6’4″.

Where we went: Oporto – Fooding House, Front Porch Pub, and… SHOT BAR (don’t judge)

What I ate: Charred Vegetables, Bread Pudding, Wine, lots of liquor (I’m going to gain weight)

Total Cost Estimate: Guesstimate… $50

Prior Expectations: After messaging, I find out Suit & Tie lives in Austin (ugh, why), but is “headed to Houston next week.” I’m digging our Tinder conversation, so I ask if he wants to meet up while he’s here. *Normally I don’t date out-of-towners, but it’s not against my rules* Suit & Tie tentatively invites me to a fancy dinner with a group of potential investors. One Catch: If I go to the dinner, both of us have to pretend like we’re old friends from college. Apparently, it’s unprofessional to tell people you met on Tinder. This is a first date story I can NOT pass up.

Date Diary: Suit & Tie did not confirm plans until 5:00 pm for a 6:00 pm dinner. I hate unset schedules but really want to go on this date. Thankfully, I didn’t have to find someone last minute and the risk was worth it. I arrive at Oporto, and Suit & Tie meets me out front. First Thoughts: He’s wearing a suit. I love men in suits. Damn, he’s wearing glasses. I love men in glasses. The combination of the suit and the glasses is FIRE. Really, this is actually a thing for me. I’m truly more attracted to a man if he’s wearing a suit. Am I right, ladies?

Suit & Tie introduces himself before we walk into Oporto. I find myself sitting at the end of a table with 9 other men. Yes that’s correct, I’m on a date with nine men. Suit & Tie sits across from me and explains why I’m sitting at a table with 9 men. Suit & Tie is the CEO of a small start up. His colleagues (aka high school friends) are in town pitching their product to a group of investors. Three of these men are the investors, and the other five are the colleagues. Suit & Tie wasn’t lying when he told me this would be a FANCY dinner. The Investors order dish after dish to share with the table. Here’s a list of items placed in front of me… Stuffed Dates, Shrimp, Oysters, Squid, Paella, (ALL MEAT), Brussels Sprouts, Bread (FINALLY, food for me)

IMG_4824I explain why I’m not eating. (No, I’m not anorexic. I just like vegetables.) The Investor on my right (who’s paying for this meal) tells me to order something vegetarian. A beautifully plated dish of charred vegetables arrives.  Suit & Tie insists I take a picture with my vegetable art (finally, the first picture of my free food). Immediately, I ask Suit & Tie to text it to me. *I NEEDED this picture for proof*

So much is happening on this date. I’m a rather social girl, so having dinner with 9 men is a cake walk. The hardest part is remembering to pretend like Suit & Tie and I already know each other. Both of us are asking, what I like to call, the typical “get to know you questions.” ie, where you’re from, where you went to school, etc. In my head I’m thinking… if these guys are listening to our conversation, they can definitely tell we just met. Two glasses of wine down and I’m feeling great. Then it’s dessert time. Gelato, Bread Pudding, Titsmisu (yes! I can eat these!) made their way to the table. I wish my everyday life consisted of nine men and unlimited food. What a story that would be!

After we’re done with dinner, I thank the investors because they paid for my meal. The investors head out, and Suit & Tie invites me to Front Porch Pub for drinks with the colleagues. I’m having fun, and Suit & Tie is still in his suit, so I agree to drinks. In reality this “date” is a GROUP date. *Hey, my life really is like a poor girl’s version of The Bachelorette. I promise, I DO NOT make this stuff up.* The six of us ( me and five men) choose a table on the front patio of Front Porch Pub. By now, all the colleagues know Suit & Tie and I met on Tinder. Like I said, it wasn’t hard to figure out. I’m not a great liar, and I can never control my facial expressions (this fact is important later). Plus, I’m almost 100% positive Suit & Tie told his colleagues he’d never met me before I sat down at the dinner table. Anyways, Suit & Tie orders everyone the first round (thank you, CEO). I’m chatting with all my dates about their business and the day’s meeting pitch. AND THEN… Suit & Tie starts asking me about Tinder. Please take a moment to pause because I do not think you are ready for this.

I TOLD SUIT & TIE ABOUT OPERATION: NO PAY MAY. (ugh, I broke a rule) Here’s how it happened. He asked, “How many Tinder dates have you been on?” (insert facial expression) “A lot?” (insert facial expression) “Any recently?” (insert facial expression) One of my rules is not to lie…. plus with all the heat from the media I thought it might be interesting if I told him. So I did. I told him everything. I told him about my dates, my blog, and my future radio interview.

His initial response was, “So you’re just using me. I’m just a number.” (anyone’s typical response) BUT THEN, immediate jealously. Suit & Tie separates me from his friends to have a more “one on one” date experience. He starts asking me how this date compares to the other ones (all guys love competition). At this point, I’m relieved of everything. The truth set me free, so to speak. We talked about the blog for a while but then moved on. I told him about my future career goals, and he offered his best advice (he’s a CEO, remember). It really did turn into much more of a “date” after I told him. A good hour passed before we rejoined the group. Suit & Tie and the colleagues wanted to keep drinking. I really didn’t want to because I had work and a radio interview in the morning. BUT Suit & Tie is still in the suit so… I take them to Shot Bar. (I didn’t know what else would be open late)

Shot Bar is the only crowded bar on a Tuesday night. Lots of men and young girls. I buy everyone the first round (I have a salaried job, HATERS).  Suit & Tie is getting handsy, but I’m into it. More Alcohol = More Make Outs… at least on this date. By the end of the night, it’s safe to say Suit & Tie and I are feeling each other. (no, we didn’t hook up).

Takeaways: The next day I receive these texts from Suit & Tie.

suit 1 suit 4suit 3suit 2

Here’s what I learned… No, dating this many people in a short amount of time is not realistic. And, yes, it makes men feel like a number. I regret telling Suit & Tie about Operation: No Pay May because it hurt his feelings. I don’t like hurting people, especially men I’m interested in. At the end of this month, I may end up alone (and I’m okay with that). If a man told me he was dating 21 other girls on our first date, there would NOT be a second. If you’re dating multiple people, you shouldn’t talk about it on the first date. It takes away from the time you should be spending getting to know your date.

Personally I only want to date one guy, but these days society seems to monopolize dating by quantity. The more men/women you date, the more fulfilled you are. From my perspective, it’s the exact opposite. It’s almost impossible to date this many people and focus on one relationship.

This is the Catch 22. If I never told Suit & Tie about my blog, I’m not 100% sure he would have asked me out on a second date (read the last text). Suit & Tie did agree to write a guest entry from his point of view. Hopefully he’s not too harsh!!!

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